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FC Stats - 30th September to 31st October 2015  (Read 864 times)

Posted on 09 Nov 2015, 22:13:38
Lena Ssur
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Welcome to the October Stats Growth sheet !

During this month there were two things that made our number change: our intention to kick inactive members and the change of Chaos' Data Center to Europe. With the data center being established in Europe some of our members chose to transfer to other World to avoid laggy gameplay. As for the inactive kicking, we desire to have the closest number of members as our real activity on the FC and with that to make all players of Reverence feel united and in a family, for which the members in Inactive rank and others in Probational rank but with many days as afk were kicked - we tried to contact these players so if they come back to the game and intent to play on Moogle they will be welcome back to our Free Company! (For more information about these kicks feel free to visit our Inactive Purge page). To be able to post the most updated sheet from the month I delayed the post until this day, hope it didn't originate any trouble!

Not diferent from before, you will be able to check the same type of information: who left, who joined, the level ups in every class and job of all members, how many people have level 60 of certain job/class, the Grand Company our members are in, FC ranks of each person and other information. This growth information is for fun and just for information wise, don't take it too seriously and don't rush up with leveling. Take your time and don't feel pressured! Hope you are enjoying your time with us! Thank you and see you in Eorzea!

New rank added - Revered. Congratulations to all members that were promoted!
For more information about our ranks check our FC Ranks & Positions thread.

*Players nickname in grey background mean they left Reverence - possible motives: personal or afk;

**Players nicknames in green background mean they joined the FC during that month;
(Note: if a player add green background in the previous growth sheet, in this one they will be changed to white background)

***Green numbers mean there was a level progression in the past month,
(Note: first number is the level that was obtained the previous month, the "+x" is the levels that were obtained during the sheets' month)
      Orange numbers mean it was reached the maximum level in that Job/Class,
(Note: if the number is only 60 that means the member already obtained the maximum level in the previous month)
      Grey numbers mean there was no level progression in the past month;
(Note: if the number is not bold it means that member have a Inactive status)

Members that changed their nickname will be put in Alphabetical order the month after that change.
In the month that change occured the name will still be the previous one with the new one inside brackets.

All information you will encounter in the following images were gathered at 10 November 2015 via the Lodestone.
Next update will be at end of November.


October 2015 Monthly Rank
(Moogle World)

Tallying Period: 01/10/2015 - 31/10/2015
Company Credits: 298431
Previous Monthly Rank: 34 (Sep)
Previous Monthly Rank: 20 (Aug)
Previous Monthly Rank: 29 (July)
Previous Monthly Rank: 34 (June)
Previous Monthly Rank: 55 (May)
October 2015 Monthly Rank
(Maelstrom FCs in Moogle World)

Tallying Period: 01/10/2015 - 31/10/2015
Company Credits: 298431
Previous Monthly Rank: 6 of 289 (Sep)
Previous Monthly Rank: 4 of 228 (Aug)
Previous Monthly Rank: 9 of 305 (July)
Previous Monthly Rank: 10 of 254 (June)
Previous Monthly Rank: 18 of 228 (May)
Week 41
05/10/2015 - 11/10/2015
Company Credits: 64285
Week 42
12/10/2015 - 18/10/2015
Company Credits: 68052

Week 43
19/10/2015 - 25/10/2015
Company Credits: 65435
Week 44
26/10/2015 - 01/11/2015
Company Credits: 63714

" Total level 60  " means the total number of members that have the correspondant Job/Crafter/Gatherer at level 60.

"Total level 50-59  " means the total number of members that have the correspondant Job/Crafter/Gatherer between level 50 and 59 - lvl 50 and 59 included.

"Total unlocked the class (from 1 to 60)  " is the sum of all members that have the Job/Class/Crafter/Gatherer unlocked, from level 1 to level 60.

Last Edit: 11 Nov 2015, 12:47:42 by Lena Ssur
DRG lvl 60 ilvl198 :: WAR lvl 60 ilvl 192 :: WHM lvl 60 ilvl 183

CRP lvl 59 : BSM lvl 60 : ARM lvl 57 : GSM lvl 60 : LTW lvl 58 :  WVR lvl 57 : ALC lvl 58 : CUL lvl 57  ::  MIN lvl 60 : BTN lvl 60 : FIS lvl 58

COIL :: T11 / T13 | Alexander Savage :: AS1

EXTREME :: Thordan


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