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Patch 3.5 - The Far Edge of Fate  (Read 598 times)

Posted on 20 Jan 2017, 06:11:58
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Quick Unlock Guide

Main Scenario Quest
Tidings from Gyr Abania
Tataru, The Rising Stones (X:6.6 Y:6.1)
Prerequisites: An Ending to Mark a New Beginning
Raid: Dun Scaith (24-player)
Where Shadows Reign
Stacia, The Sea of Clouds (X:6.2 Y:5.8)
Prerequisites: Freedom for Our Skies, iLvl 235
Dungeon: Sohm Al (Hard)
The Fires of Sohm Al
Gossamer Moogle, Idyllshire (X:4.6 Y:8.4)
Prerequisites: Heavensward, iLvl 230
Dungeon: Baelsar's Wall
Unlocked during new MSQ line.
Prerequisites: ???, iLvl 230
Trial: Containment Bay Z1T9 (Zurvan)
The Last Pillar to Fall
Unukalhai, The Rising Stones (X:6.1 Y:5.2)
Prerequisites: Balance Unto All, iLvl 235
Trial: Containment Bay Z1T9 (Zurvan) Extreme
A Demonic Duplicate
Unukalhai, The Rising Stones (X:6.1 Y:5.2)
Prerequisites: The Last Pillar to Fall, iLvl 250
Quest: Beast Tribes (/moonlift dance)
When Good Dragons Go Bad
Drydox, Idyllshire (X:6.9 Y:7.2)
Prerequisites: Bloodsworn Rank for all Heavensward Beast Tribes
Relic: iLvl 270
Born Again Anima
Ardashir, Azys Lla (X:7.4 Y:11.5)
Prerequisites: The Last Pillar to Fall
Sidequest: Hildibrand
The Proud and the Pointy-eyed
Cyr, Ishgard (X:9.9 Y:11.4)
Prerequisites: Don't Trust Anyone Over Sixty
Sidequest: Scholasticate
The Student Body's Revenge
Briardien, Ishgard (X:8.7 Y:7.9)
Prerequisites: Finding Ulaa
Unlocks: Egi Glamour
An Egi by Any Other Name
Thubyrgeim, Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:4.7 Y:11.4)
Prerequisites: Primal Burdens
Unlocks: Phoenix Mount
Fiery Wings, Fiery Hearts
Walking Atlas, Idyllshire (X:7.5 Y:6.1)
Prerequisites: Obtain all Lanner primal mounts.

Other Notable Additions:
  • Housing. Lots of neat additions, of particular interest are that the Material Supplier and Housing Merchant in residential areas now have several new items (including dyable partitions).
  • Idyllshire has been updated and is near completion!
  • Sightseeing Log Paintings. Speak to the Joyous Painter in Idyllshire (X:4 Y:6) to have Sightseeing Log images converted into paintings.
  • /icam and /gpose updates, including camera tilting and an icon next to player names when in the screenshot mode.
  • Food Update. Usage now stacks! Instead of waiting for your current use to run out before activating another, you can now do so before it expires and have the remaining amount added to the fresh stack.
  • Triple Triad Battlehall. This "fixes" tournaments by eliminating win trading and playing against weak NPCs. The random rule has been removed from all NPCs, and the amount of MGP from turning cards in has been increased as well.
  • Frontline PVP has had Grand Company Restrictions removed from it, enabling you to queue as a freelancer which massively reduces queue times. Chat restrictions on FC/LS channels have also been lifted.
  • Wolves' Den Duelling now resets cooldowns and offers iLvl sync for fairer matches.
  • Garo Collaboration Event, found at Wolves' Den. Speak to the NPC to trade marks in for themed gear - complete a full set to be given a title.
  • Cross-server Party Finder includes both the ability to find people from other servers, and to directly group up with friends using a password system.
User Interface Updates:
  • Hold Crtl while viewing the map to prioritize Aetherites.
  • Test "Equip previous Set" and "Equip Following Set".
  • Try the search feature in the Journal window.
  • Check out Duty Finder settings.
  • Check out new Novice Network features.
  • Check out the Raid Finder window.
  • Check out the Log Filters.
  • Check out EXTRAS in the Actions & Traits window.
  • Check out Quick Chat in the Actions & Traits window.
  • Talk to Grand Company's quatermaster.
  • Check out Squadron windows.
  • Check out "Paintings" section within Market Board.
  • Set Keybind "Target Own Companion".
  • Check out the Party Finder window.
  • Check out the Contact List window.
  • Check out the Fitting Room window.
  • Character Configuration > UI Settings > Display help text when using cross-type main commands.
  • Character Configuration > UI Settings > Display Pop-up Text.
  • Character Configuration > UI Settings > Pop-up Text size.
  • Character Configuration > UI Settings > Display registered duties in Timers.
  • Character Configuration > UI Settings > Display duty registration details in Timers.
  • Character Configuration > Hotbar settings.
  • Character Configuration > Log Window Settings > Display World name in chat log when is another server.
  • System Configuration > Other Settings > Group Pose/Idling Camera Settings.
  • System Configuration > Gamepad Settings > Enable window zoom via R3.
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