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Fire Emblem: Heroes  (Read 709 times)

Posted on 12 Feb 2017, 14:12:29

Fire Emblem: Heroes is a new free-to-play tactical RPG available on mobile devices, which has you collecting various character from previous games in the franchise to progress through a storyline and complete various challenges.

Unlike most mobile/gacha games, FE:H is actually great! It doesn't have the usual pitfalls that come with games of this nature and the process of collection and progression is so far enjoyable. Aside from that, what makes this really stand out is that the traditional gameplay the franchise is known for is largely intact in a slightly watered-down and streamlined format, and the RNG for character unlocks isn't abysmal and doesn't try to squeeze cash out of you every five minutes.

The game was released on February 2 in 39 countries, and is available on both iOS and Android.

Dailies & Weeklies

Even if you don't have time to burn through your stamina, make sure you at least log in once every day to collect bonuses! While they may seem individually unimpressive, they add up over time - for instance, with the 2 orb daily gift you get a free 5x character pull every 10 days.

Reset occurs every day at 07:00 UTC/23:00 PST. Here's a checklist of things to do to make sure you don't lose out:
  • 2x Orb Login Bonus
  • 3x Dueling Swords (PVP)
  • Castle Gifts (both your own units and friend/s)
  • Special Map Update (1* and 2* character; on rotation each week)
Friend IDs

Adding people to your friends list means you'll get a bonus amount of feathers every day, which can be collected from the Home screen as journeying character pay you a visit. Simply tap on them when they approach from the bottom of the screen to collect them every day!
  • Outrack - 1675568396
  • Lumi - 9783849223
  • Viper - 3862613704
Progression Roadmap

There's an excellent Beginner's Guide located here that you should definitely look through, though there are a couple of additions I'll mention below.

Orbs are the cash-based currency in FE:H, and their usage varies from optional to essential depending on what you want to do with them. You're given complementary orbs for certain objectives in the game though, so if you're trying to get as much as you can out of them without having to drop any cash hopefully this section will be of some use.

First off, excluding daily or event bonuses the amount of Orbs you can obtain in the game is finite - so once they're gone, they're gone. Unless you have cash to burn you'll never want to use Orbs on optional features, such as stamina regeneration - it's a total waste that'll slow you down in getting those sweet 5* S ranked units you need.

Summoning Characters

Learning how to get the most out of summoning is essential right at the start - you progress to unlock orbs, you spend orbs to get new characters, and you level up those characters to progress even further. Everything points back to this and the quest to build towards the perfect army/harem!

Something the game isn't too clear about initially is that on summoning, you'll unlock a pentagon with five points - each representing a unit type of either red, green, blue or colourless. Tapping on one of these will give you a unit guaranteed to be of that type, but the character you receive outside of that criteria is random (you can refer to this tier list to see what's available).

After spending 5 orbs to unlock a character, you'll be given the option to reveal another three for 4 orbs each, and the final one for 1 orb. Ideally, you should only initiate a summoning pull with 20 orbs ready as you're getting a total of four characters for the price of five. The only time I'd recommend not using all 20 orbs on a pull is if you're looking for a specific hero/type later on in the game, but it's still a good idea to be sure you can unlock everything should you be blessed by RNG.

Upgrade the Castle

Do this as soon as you have a comfortable team to work with, as the EXP benefits they offer will dramatically help cut down on the amount of time/stamina you need to invest later on. It's technically optional if you want to be absolutely ruthless about orb conservation, but a fully upgraded castle will boost your EXP by 100% - meaning it literally halves the amount required for your characters to level up.

In total, you'll need 27 orbs to fully max out your castle. You can do this on the Home screen by tapping the green icon in the top-right corner, or by going to Shop > Upgrade Castle.

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Posted on 12 Feb 2017, 15:33:43
Wheee, updates already! NintendoWire's reporting that Seliph and Julia from Genealogy of the Holy War are incoming character additions, along with Ephraim and Eirika from Sacred Stones.

Additionally, Nintendo America posted the results of a voting contest where winning characters would receive special respective versions, those being Lyn and Ike which won first place and Roy and Lucina as well, who will also get upgrades due to the high amount of voting. Full results below!


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