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Granblue Fantasy  (Read 1827 times)

Posted on 30 Apr 2017, 15:25:06

Welcome to the Granblue Fantasy thread! GBF is a mobile JRPG that's taken Japan by storm and offers an awesome amount of content, and boasts a stellar soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu and art direction by Hideo Minaba - both of whom worked on previous Final Fantasy titles. Minaba states his intention to "create the ultimate fantasy game" on the official website and while there's only so much that can be done on the platform, it's very clear that there's an enormous amount of passion in the project and it's essentially a love-letter to those who grew up in the 16-bit era, with a traditional turn-based combat system and a colourful storyline full of rich and diverse characters.

Other mobile games like Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Fire Emblem Heroes sparked an interest for me, but failed to scratch the itch as I eventually burned out on both. Granblue however is packed with so much content that after a month of playing I still feel like I've barely scratched the surface - there's a reason the game has 14 million players despite lacking a proper international release as it takes ages to reach end-game content, and there's loads to do once you get there including co-op missions, raids, fortnightly events, and a lot more.

It's totally free and doesn't try to con you into real-money purchases at every turn, so you've got nothing to lose by trying it out! You can find out how to play below, and I'll try to keep this thread updated with new event information as it comes out.

April Lineup
Big Bad Shadow
01st - 09th
Table for Six
10th - 15th
Rise of the Beasts
16th - 21st
Cerberus & Fenrir Showdown
16th - 21st
The Inner Light
21st - 29th
Unite & Fight
29th - 09th
Alchemist Astray

While Granblue hasn't received a proper international release, the game is fully (and very well) translated and easily installed as long as you don't mind a little effort - and if for some reason you do, you can try the game out right from your browser instead! Download links for the app can be found below, and step-by-step installation instructions on how to get it running on your mobile device can be found here.

There is a lot to do in Granblue, so much that I was overwhelmed and a bit lost on what to do for the first couple of hours. It isn't exactly kind to beginners so to help you out, here's a breakdown of things you should know as you start your journey! You can find more comprehensive information on the Granblue Wiki, this is more of a tl;dr roadmap to make your beginning more accessible.

  • Make sure you check out the Player Progression and New Player Checklist articles on the GBF Wiki. Both give a lot of info; particularly the first which should make how to proceed a lot clearer so you're not just burning story missions while missing out on other opportunities to get stronger.
  • Another useful resource is the Condensed Beginner's Guide which breaks things down into straight-forward instructions.
  • Pinboard Missions are a great roadmap to introduce you to core concepts, and you get awesome rewards for doing them. There's only four charts to complete so keep checking it to see what you can do! You can find the Pinboard on the Home screen, under Gameplay Extras.
  • Be careful about what you spend Crystals on, especially if you're playing for free! You can use them to upgrade characters, but they're also used for character weapon and summon pulls which normally cost real-world currency.

While I'd recommend you take your time and not rush through the game, Koon's guide above gives some great pointers on what to do so you at least know you're heading in the right direction. Also check out his Top 5 Mistakes By New Players video!


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