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Shirogane FAQ  (Read 317 times)

Posted on 09 Oct 2017, 06:28:36

Here we are! The new housing district is being released on Tuesday along with the rest of 4.1, and the desire for plots is bound to be astronomical as everyone scrambles to stake their claim. As well as the ongoing shortage fueling demand, we also have to contend with the appealing aesthetic of a Japanese-styled area – meaning if you’re not prepared, you’re very likely going to lose out!

So, in hopes that I can help fellow guildies and friends secure a home I’ve assembled this basic checklist of information to hopefully cut out confusion on the day. Good luck!


If you haven’t already, complete the quest I Dream of Shirogane in Kugane (X:12 Y:9) to unlock access to the ward. Only ward 1 of Shirogane is currently accessible to the public, but it's still useful for planning routes and to get a bit more insight into what to expect.

First off, know where you're heading. This might be a bit obvious, but don’t enter the wards without knowing where you're going as time spent running around blindly means potentially losing awesome locations - or worse yet, you may buy a plot only to find a better one right around the corner. Take your time and get familiar with where everything is so when the patch hits, you'll know exactly where to go.

One thing to take into consideration that isn't openly evident in the game is property grading, which is an important factor in knowing both how much a location will cost as well as the potential demand and competition you’ll have going for it.

Also, take note of the aetherite crystal locations as they’ll save you important travel time reaching your goal! There's a slight bit of loading time you'll have to factor in, so consider whether a quick sprint would be faster than teleporting as well.

Graphic Options

Not relevant to PS4 players, and only relevant to some PC users – I felt like this was still worth mentioning as it may help with the extreme load we’re bound to encounter. If you have a powerhouse desktop with SSDs this isn’t as much of an issue but for regular users this could speed things up quite a bit.

Both Kugane and Shirogane are going to be hit with mass numbers of players, which means your loading times will likely go up as all those assets are loaded into your PC’s memory. To mitigate this, make sure before logging out to set your graphics to the lowest possible settings and to reduce effects, draw distance, and anything else that may consume precious resources. It's important to note that the lowest available preset of Standard (Laptop) isn't actually the lowest setting, and you'll have to manually check and decrease every setting.

Another thing worth mentioning is that there's an option under the "other settings" tab for Character and Object Quantity - make sure this is set to Minimum to avoid loading too many assets.

People Suck

XIV has an overall awesome community, but there's always going to be a few buttheads around spoiling things. Having said that, make sure you set your status to Busy. During the last mass housing purge there were reports of players interrupting potential buyers by opening trade windows, which gave their buddies extra time to sneak in - you can make sure this doesn't happen by typing /busy as soon as you log in (typing it again will reset your status).

Not really the fault of the players, but you can definitely expect the queues to be a nightmare. Maintenance will end at 10:00 UTC and will not end early as usual, so people will assuredly be bashing down the doors to get in the second the clock strikes the hour. Attempting to login before the servers are up will grey out the button and result in you having to login all over again, so instead just keep checking the status icon at the bottom of the launcher (pointed out below).

Don't Panic!

Easier said than done, but worth mentioning anyway! Many people are excited about the prospect of getting a home, especially those that have been waiting ages for the opportunity to present itself - hype can quickly turn to frustration when things don’t go according to plan, which may lead to broken monitors and cancelled subscriptions. Be calm, have a set plan in mind, and have a backup option or two ready if you need them.

Also, don’t forget to communicate with your friends and make sure you have no overlapping targets too, especially if you’re going for homes in the same ward! It's bound to happen with the nicer properties, and can save everyone a lot of needless grief.

Posted on 09 Oct 2017, 13:17:49

What a happy Lalafell I am to not need a new house and just gambling on a masion to free up in the Goblet! O_o

Posted on 11 Oct 2017, 06:05:13
Outrack was awarded 1 point/s for this post
What a shit show this wound up being. Reposting my thoughts on the official forum, I don't want to be overly negative so I'll just leave it at this.

Posted on 12 Oct 2017, 05:08:30
I completely agree.

While I was amongst the lucky ones who got exactly what they wanted, I know that a lot of you did not. And as said before that was not due to a lack of effort or hard work put into working towards that goal.

I cannot even imagine how horrible the Shirogane housing rush must have been, as I was only in the Goblet, but it was already bad there as well with 10 people chasing me towards my placard when the plot opened up.

I cannot understand why they don't just add more subdivisions. Maybe even one subdivision that only sells houses to FCs, so at least those don't have to battle against the onslaught of individual home buyers as well. As happy as I am to have my mansion, I do feel bad for any FC now whom I robbed of that house.
I think adding those apartments did not really meet the demand people have for housing either. Having an apartment to furnish is nice, but let's be honest: Which of us has ever walked around the apartment building and looked at different apartments from random players? I have not. But I have done that countless times with houses.
Part of owning a home (at least for me) is to show off and contribute to the overall nice look of the housing area (I am angrily looking at you, Paissa home owners), maybe have random visitors stroll by and pay a visit because they were drawn in by the cool exterior of your house. I love doing that and enjoy the neighborhood feeling you get from the housing areas, while my apartment really is only another storeroom and cheap and convenient teleport option. (Of course there are always those players who merely own a house to, well, own it. And I fear those are severely adding to the problem as well, but that's adifferent point.)
To me, housing (especially private housing) is an integral part of the immersion and RP character of the game. They give us TONS of emotes and TONS of clothing/glamour options to create our characters the way we want them and I believe that "living" in Eorzea is a crucial part of endgame as well, and by design. So creating this unnecessary shortage of houses, which add so much living and RP quality to the game, is a stupid move from SE. And I am not even talking about the salt this adds, as you, Racky, have already said.
So, as said before, I cannot understand why they don't just add four or five additional subdivisions to each area....


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