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[LLTD] Week 3 (NSFW)  (Read 985 times)

Posted on 27 Nov 2017, 06:00:04
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I am so bad at this "frequent update" thing...

Bit of a premature update but I wanted to post a starting point before going ham at this. I'm currently going through a guide on form and space as it's one aspect I've always felt needed a lot of attention, and the exercise given seemed absurdly simple until I tried it. Stemming from the concept of all objects being condensed into basic shapes, the exercise involved drawing 100 circles, 50 ovals, and 50 circles with inner-ovals indicating perspective... And I found a gaping hole in my skillset!

I've seen suggestions to draw basic shapes so often but always skip them as they seem so simplistic, but it's deceptive and way harder than I thought it would be. I wound up going through the video below, and noticed several issues in how I approached this...

I had no clue my pen control was so poor until I had to follow the lines on the template. As shown in the video, I tried going over the same shape three times and found each time had varying degrees of accuracy - as well as just having not developed solid hand/eye coordination, I notice myself rushing a lot while doing this as I tend to get frustrated quickly. Probably also going to invest in an artist's glove as it's hard af to draw from the shoulder when your hand's sticking to the surface...

Anyway, here's my first crack at it. I'm intrigued that I'm struggling to do something so simple, so I'll probably end up obsessive over it this week and keep at it until it comes out right - let's hope by Friday I'll be able to do these much better!

For this one, I tried a makeshift glove using bandages to stop my hand sticking to the surface of the tablet and tried drawing from the shoulder - it's definitely more fluid, though my control is still abysmal.

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