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Aurelia Polyp Minion Lottery  (Read 450 times)

Posted on 13 Feb 2018, 10:48:02
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"Hitching a ride in the ballast tank of a submersible proved an enlightening experience for this infant wavekin, allowing it to listen in on the incessant mumblings of the vessel's pilot─a mammet voyager tasked with taking an audio log of all discoveries made."

Our submarine brought back two Aurelia Polyp Minons (not voluntarily as the description of the little guys says...)! And we're happe to bring out a lottery on one of them. The other one I put on the Market Board for 20+ Million Gil, and If anybody is crazy enough to buy it this week, we'll all have a little gilfest...

But for the other one lets have a little lottery (and if the second wasn't sold on the MB till the Lottery we will just draw two winners...)
Everyone active in the FC is welcome to participate. Please announce that you want to participate by Saturday evening by filling out the form I linked below. The lottery will take place in the Gold Saucer on Sunday evening (arround 19:00 GMT. Of course you can also participate in the lottery when you cannot be here on Sunday.

So without furtherado, please enter your names :D


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