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2K Get Loaded 72 Hour Sale  (Read 2465 times)

Posted on 31 May 2013, 21:06:02

It's like the Steam Summer Sale! Only it's not Steam, and it's not summer... But this is still a pretty sweet offer. Get Games is running a 3-day sale right now where you can pick up various 2K games; either you can grab Borderlands 2 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown for $30, two of their "classic" titles for $10, or pay $48 for the whole lot of 12 games.

The classic games on offer are:
  • Bioshock
  • Bioshock 2
  • Borderlands GOTY
  • Civilization IV: Complete Edition
  • Civilization V
  • Civilization V - Gods and Kings Expansion
  • The Darkness II
  • Duke Nukem Forever
  • Mafia II
  • Spec Ops: The Line
I've played none of these so I can't personally vouch for any of them, though I have heard very good things about everything that isn't DNF. Just bought Spec Ops and Civ V and the Steam Keys worked flawlessly, let us know if you decide to pick anything up!

Posted on 31 May 2013, 23:38:23
  • Bioshock -get only if you've never played it and feel like groping your way through the story before you play infinite. has issues post winXP so be prepared
  • Bioshock 2 - just read the wikipedia article instead
  • Borderlands GOTY - not bad if you want to go back and experience original, but a lot of dumb shit that was fixed in BL2 will annoy you
  • Civilization IV: Complete Edition - absolutely worth it
  • Civilization V - if civ 4 is too dense for your brain get this
  • Civilization V - Gods and Kings Expansion - if you get civ 5 you get this too
  • The Darkness II - overall meh, but good for what it is
  • Duke Nukem Forever - nostalgia only and it's been cheaper on steam
  • Mafia II - no
  • Spec Ops: The Line - if you entirely ignore the average gunplay and just play it for the story it's goddamn amazing
  • Borderlands 2 - yes as fuck if you like shooting mans and getting purples
  • XCOM - yes if you like any sort of turn based strat but with aliens


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