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Epic screenshots!  (Read 8030 times)

Posted on 05 Aug 2013, 00:45:41
I've got a backlog on epic screenshots!

RAWR's Naked Fights for drops!

Euro decided to roll around on his head on the WoE map ...

Allu shows her murderous side towards a defenseless old man  :speechless:

The patch brought a few .. graphical glitches for me sometimes. I could see forever in those cracks ;_;

Adventure, ho!

Hiding like the brave soul I am in colo!

Doing some Peco surfing, because why not!

My unfortunate RHD wizard top ... although now I wear a bikini costume so it's not much better ...

Again, hiding like the to-be colo champion that I .. wasn't.

Some ladies and a tree dancing ~

I got really angry at having some round 1 and 2 losses in the colos prior to this so I went beastmode ... 9 kills! My personal best!

Spying on Njoror like a creep :>

My friend Lortab and I being beautiful ladies

I found a floating rock. Good luck trying to mine that, blacksmiths!

My true love Allu and I cuddling. Dinocat makes an appearance!

Hiding again...just because I can.

Allu and I, and our Ranger Danger bodyguards <3

Nah it's just a random dance party and we're making out in the middle of it.  :heart:


Lexy LoliPants

Posted on 28 Aug 2013, 22:09:52
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I, too, have a backlog! I bring to you: RAWR RAID FIGHTS!!

Because everyone should be naked when fighting, damnit.

The stage is set..

Zell epically jumps into battle.

Duking it out.

..nope. Forge's too much of a badass. I shed a tear for Zell's loss. ;_;
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Posted on 31 Oct 2013, 22:19:04
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Haven't updated in a while soooo...

Lein performs a sexy dance...

Lein hangs out on top of the bookcase...

Zell is a very bad tree.

I don't even know what I fell through to get here.

Last week's Bapho N raid squad.


Zell and I being cuties.

bow down, for I am your queen.

Posted on 02 Nov 2013, 19:40:41
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Welcome to RAWR will it be business or pleasure?
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Posted on 03 Nov 2013, 08:16:20
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Some OLLLLLLLLLDies but goodies :D

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I'm under the ground collecting herbs 8D

If I fits, I sits :3

Contortion Flying!

Hey mom, look what I can do!  :shock:

Posted on 03 Nov 2013, 10:04:35
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Hmm, been a while since I posted something here.

Such a beautiful day to grope a kafra
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I still wonder why she drops me from so high and I get hurt tho, the bitch >:(

We, looking cool, fighting our yet to be defeated legit nemesis
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This one looks awesome XD
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This is a rare one, Raela in her Eremes Style, please pay no heed to where I am.
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Allu's Sorc noob panties while running!
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Remember the times we flew over 50 meters? Well, here Rae's jizz came from the heavens!
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I'll follow you my mistress Allucinari
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Oh, don't mind me Rinny, just keep running to the darkness, I'll be sure to snap a good panty shot! ... wait, why are you holding that mace while glaring at me?
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First time helping Hime in a dungeon >=D
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And we are already doing well :V

Hime and Capri, DOUBLE PANTY SHOT!!
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Hand slipped, I swear D:
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Another cool looking one
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Have you ever jump with Virus? It's surprisingly fun
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Where the hell...?
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Lexy golden ninja panty shot :V
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But seriously, taking a ninja picture is a panty shot picture.

See what I mean? Oh look, a Rinny
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We are here, but I don't remember who exactly XD
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Well, I can try, from left to right, Allu, Capri, Hime, Lexy, Rinny, That Monk, Zell, Armonna (which looks like Amar)

Feel like a Lord with my Scythe as my companion
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Feeling Kool
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If you are seeing two Citlalicues here, you are drunk
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Hey Babeh, wanna hitch a ride? Forget that XPeruchoX loser
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AFKing with Lexy.
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Hime panty shot!
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Flying scythe!
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I simply like this
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We aren't brave, but we are many
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Let's see, let's see, this is hard for my memory, from left to right, Snorkel, Hime, Allu, Scribble, Zell, Capri, Lexy, Raela, Rinny.

Exchanging Blows with the Mino, 25.8 THOUSAND STRIKE!!
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Raela helping me with the dungeons for my knight
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Again, please pay no heed to my location, LOOK SUCH A SHINY THING OVER THERE!

Raela helping me again with another dungeon, she felt flying was her style that day...
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Thanks for the help!
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Such a white sky
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I have no idea who that is, but I would love that one of our girls used that costume :V
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Nick -> Lein
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Aiot -> Monkey Assassin!
Citlalicue -> Cursing Crescentia of the Vengenful Stigma!
Arkenne -> Squishy Tanky Monk

Posted on 03 Nov 2013, 11:31:53

Another cool looking one
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"Bye bye cruel world, my life wasn't happy, why i'm born with this body!?"

Posted on 03 Nov 2013, 12:26:52
We are here, but I don't remember who exactly XD
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Well, I can try, from left to right, Allu, Capri, Hime, Lexy, Rinny, That Monk, Zell, Amar.

Wrong, The most rightern person is me, look at the Sacrament effect around the sprite you failed me Lein :(
Armonna, Level 50 Hybrid Priest
Jorimoni, Level 32 Ranger

Posted on 03 Nov 2013, 12:33:43
Sorry sorry, Armonna, Im correcting it XD
I didnt know you had other chars than your PRIEST, oh wait... you dont
Nick -> Lein
Leinzan -> Average Rogue!
Aiot -> Monkey Assassin!
Citlalicue -> Cursing Crescentia of the Vengenful Stigma!
Arkenne -> Squishy Tanky Monk

Posted on 04 Nov 2013, 10:56:00
....are you really sure about this, Mr Cookery Merchant?

Posted on 07 Nov 2013, 10:05:33
epic AH glitches....


Seriously.... so fuzzy :<

Posted on 09 Nov 2013, 11:02:54

Yep, 1 kill before the round even started. I'm THAT good :lol:

I got a kill after the previous round ended and somehow it carried over to the next one xD

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Posted on 10 Nov 2013, 15:11:16

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retired from RO2 - Playing FF XIV!

Posted on 10 Nov 2013, 19:03:04
I can't stop laughing at these.... xD

Logged in to the matrix..... watch as my face morphs!

Posted on 10 Nov 2013, 19:27:18

ooops my head

Ninja death escape

I was pushed i sware D:!

Midget arena slumber party


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