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What are you playing?  (Read 5776 times)

Posted on 05 Mar 2014, 00:12:49
I agree Black Flag has totally brought that series back from a downward spiral.

I've been playing the new THIEF, which I quite like actually and Banished.

Posted on 05 Mar 2014, 13:04:15
right now I'm just waiting for TESO to come online...

BUT the 2nd part of The Walking Dead: Season Two is updating as we speak, so that is my number one priority  :stronglove:

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Posted on 05 Mar 2014, 22:54:44
When I'm not playing RO2 i play this

Posted on 13 Mar 2014, 22:25:26
Currently playin:

(^ ^ -^)^ RaiderZ
cool graphics monster hunter style controls and a gameplay like no other xD you guys should try it out xD

Oh and am takin a break on ro2  leavin my toon to Hadrubal for a while (v O .O)/ cheers

Posted on 09 Apr 2014, 08:27:07
My PS+ membership expires in around 12 days so I'm trying to clean up my digital backlog - right now I'm working through Need for Speed: Most Wanted, ICO HD and am about to (finally!) start Okami HD. I already have vouchers to extend my membership, but I've decided to let it run over as I really need to focus more on upcoming projects and still have a load of retail games to work though.

One thing I should probably get started on is Midnight Club: Los Angeles as the servers look like they're being shut down at the end of May. Loved MC3 on PS2 so I'm hoping this is more of the same, though I've heard it's brutally hard to the point of being unfair...

Oh yeah, still trying to get the Platinum trophy in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker! Only have one trophy left but the bloody thing requires a huge online grind.

Posted on 09 Apr 2014, 13:34:04
This game!  :sparkle:

Pic related also best character.

If you don't know Smite, it's a f2p moba where you play with gods. Found this game maybe a month ago but finally downloaded it last week and really enjoying it, even though I didn't expect myself to because it's a moba. But it's actually pretty fun. :smile: The third person view makes everything so intense. If anyone's interested, here's the homepage.
Also gods. My inner history geek is squealing every time.

This also might be the reason why I haven't been online that much..sorry about that  :sweat:

Posted on 03 May 2014, 13:13:52
^^^ I dont know what that game is but there is a bunny so I love it >_< I have a huge library of games I need to get through, but I've just been playing Wildstar for the beta weekends ><. I got Bravely Default but I havent really had a chance to play it yet..

Posted on 04 May 2014, 03:29:27
Diablo 3 : RoS , RO2 and World of Tanks are the main games i'm playing right now. beside that i'm playing :

- DayZ
- FF7 (PC)
- FF8 (PC)
- South Park - The Stick of Truth
- Darksiders 2
- Hearthstone

and i just quit LoL cuz it makes me rage too much even tho i'm a platinum player ...

Posted on 10 May 2014, 13:25:02
Well, aside from RO2, I've been playing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
She has some pretty badass Mahou Shoujo garbs

Nick -> Lein
Leinzan -> Average Rogue!
Aiot -> Monkey Assassin!
Citlalicue -> Cursing Crescentia of the Vengenful Stigma!
Arkenne -> Squishy Tanky Monk

Posted on 29 May 2014, 18:18:35

 :hg: :smile:

retired from RO2 - Playing FF XIV!

Posted on 04 Jun 2014, 04:54:28
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I broke down and also just bought Watch Dogs. So far I am really enjoying the game although I feel the main story is going to be shorter than I would like. The online feature is really cool IMO. I mostly just stick with invading someones game and hacking them.
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Posted on 04 Jun 2014, 08:15:27
Heh, I turned that feature off because I kinda suck at it. The game is good though driving a car is horrible. When you start a car you like automatically shift into 5th gear or something  :shock:

I like hacking the traffic lights and blockers so cars just smash and buuuuuuuurn... xD

retired from RO2 - Playing FF XIV!

Posted on 07 Jun 2014, 21:08:19
Wildstar. Lydi told me to play it :3 It's a new mmo.

Posted on 11 Jun 2014, 05:23:34
Rejoining my old friends at UKCS, picking up CS:S & CS:GO. Pewpew. Good times  :heart:

retired from RO2 - Playing FF XIV!

Posted on 03 Jul 2014, 18:21:45
i have been playing Defiance (, and it is a pretty good mmo shooting game :)


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