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The Drowning Wench / The World according to Leorzswyz Skoenwilfwyn
« Last post by Ithi on Today at 01:21:00 »
Love it! Thanks Leo  :love:
The Drowning Wench / Part II
« Last post by Leo on Yesterday at 17:17:05 »
Tomorrow started with the morning muster, a quick run from the Aft Castle do the harbour and back. The air still beared the smell of the storm last night, as the small squad ran over the still wet cobblestone. As they arrived back at the barracks nobody was tired anymore, as a quick run cleared the head and the fresh sea winds where particularily apt at getting Leorzswyz' mood up.
Still - the decision had been made and that letter of resignation didn't write itself. So after breakfast she skipped out of the daily briefing and went back into the dormitory to start that letter. Whom was she going to disappoint? Valennya. The Admiral. Binkle. Aerzwyz. Gerlind. T'Villa...and those were only the first that came to mind.

"Letter of" she wrote and stared at the paper.

"There you are!" A familiar voice from the door. Automatically she stood up and saluted her commading officer - Lieutenant Tiralan.
"What are you doing, soldier?" she asked, but with a twinkle in her eyes, making sure it did't sound to bossy.
The twinkle vanished.
"Nothing!? Your report is overdue - not the one from last night, but the one from last month!"
"Not this nothing... nothing nothing", Leorzwyz stammered and scrunched up the paper behind her back.
"Stop the excuses, it's your own fault that you're on guard duty! If you just would have kept your mouth shut for one..."
"That Gridanian fool insulted..."
"I don't care! Don't you get it? I am trying to help you here! Now, get dressed up and be in front of the Aftcastle in five! Hopp hopp hopp!"

The Roegadyn gritted her teeth, but obeyed and started to bring her uniform in order.
"By the way, a letter arrived. It's from the Scions..."
Tech & Programming / Udemy
« Last post by Outrack on Yesterday at 06:08:04 »

Hey look, an actual update!

After committing to follow through on PHP here and resuming art on Facebook, I instead went in a completely different direction and picked up this course on the Unity Game Engine. It's something I wanted to do for a while and the mood suddenly struck, so I thought... Why the hell not?

So far I'm loving it, I'm pretty much coding-by-numbers but I'm amazed at what can be constructed with little effort. For instance, I built two basic projects in a single day - one of them a simple demo for controlling the Charismatic Character Cube while the other was about familiarization with particle effects and collision detection. I doubt anyone would want to, but if you'd like to download examples of what I've made you can click on either of the images below! They're crap and wouldn't offer more than a few seconds of entertainment each, but I figured it would be nice to show my starting point so I can reflect on how far I've come later.


Up Arrow - Move Forward
Right Arrow - Rotate Right
Left Arrow - Rotate Left
Space - Jump
Left Click - Fire Ball
The Drowning Wench / The Reve Diaspora - Our Private Houses
« Last post by Outrack on 17 Oct 2017, 02:46:17 »
Huh, that's odd. The images didn't resize because the imgur URL had https in it - changed it back to http and it parsed the dimensions properly so that's all you need to do in future :smile:

Thanks for creating this thread, hope we'll get to see loads of awesome pictures!! I'll update with my plot numbers as soon as the game's out of maintenance :D
The Drowning Wench / The Reve Diaspora - Our Private Houses
« Last post by Val on 17 Oct 2017, 01:09:44 »
So far I have only managed to finish the garden of Val's new mansion:

The front part can be used as a meeting place and training area, while the back part hosts a small botanical garden.

The botanical garden has a nice spot to relax and unwind and contemplate business.

The sunrise here is just magical..

And apparently I failed to resize the images for the website... Can someone please help? :x

Edit_ Racky helped. Thank you!
The Drowning Wench / The Reve Diaspora - Our Private Houses
« Last post by Val on 17 Oct 2017, 01:03:38 »

Welcome to the Reve Diaspora!

This thread and first post shall be a constant work in progress and is meant as a hub for all the private houses or apartments our members own and want to share!

I will try to keep this first post up to date with infos about the different locations of all the private houses and apartements, if you want to provide me with those. Feel free to write a few lines with a short description to make it easier to others to see what to expect, when they come to visit!
The rest of the thread can be used freely to share pictures of your homes or discuss housing matters!

Private Houses

Val Papadoa  --  The Goblet, Ward 5, Plot 13  --  This Mansion is meant to be a place to RP, so feel free to visit! It is currently under construction, but soon it will host a Lalafellin commerce centre, bar, cabaret and Val's private quarters.

The Drowning Wench / The World according to Leorzswyz Skoenwilfwyn
« Last post by Leo on 16 Oct 2017, 19:23:20 »
"It was a dark autumn night. Storm raged outside my window." The words which many a bold tale begins. But in this particular event it was indeed a dark autumn night, with a raging storm outside. The spray from the mighty waves wet the window at Leorzswyz'  dormitory window. The other Storm Sergeants were fast asleep as she could tell from the roaring snores of the two Roegadyn Marauders and the tiny whistling sound the nose of Dederoki, the Lalafel medic made, when he felt warm and comfy.
Leorzswyz dripped the feather in the inkwell and looked at the paper in front of her. The report on the last night's round didn't write itself, but it was a tedious and menial task.
Last week she had been demoted to Storm Sergeant, Second Class. This time Storm Marshal Eynzahr Slafyrsyn didn't even stoop to notify her by himself, as he had done the year before. All she got was a sealed envelope and a disdaining look, when they shared the elevator the other day.
Insubordination and unfit behaviour, again. The only reason she was not completely stripped of her ranks and kicked into the brig was that casket full of medals for valour, various victories and utter sangfroid and the fact that you could not simply sack a proven Warrior of Light of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Ah... it had been a while that she went out with that bunch of merry men - and women. The battle for Ishgard, the dragon slaughtered and her skin almost scorched by the searing light and fire that was the dragon's voice.  But with fire she paid him back, that fiery spawn of hate and together with those daring heroes she fought for Ishgard's long sought peace.

The feather scratched over the paper. 'Second hour: no noteworthy incidents', she wrote. As if anything would ever happen, watching over some fish nets next to the Knifes' Guild. They knew to behave and not to meddle in the afairs of the Maelstrom.
But of course every hour had to be duly noted and accounted for. Her view drifted over the bunk beds again. Good lads, all of them. But she had heard what they whispered behind her back. They were afraid. Deeply afraid, because they knew the stories, knew about what happened at Castrum meridianum all those years ago and knew about the stories which spread amongst the soldiers afterwards. "She burnt them alive", they murmured between the aching of molten metal. And indeed she did burn them alive. That Garlean scum didn't deserve any better! It was war and war was fought by any means at disposal.
And the aether currents were at disposal - everything she had learnt from Cocobuki and after that from Lord Papadoa. And it was the Garlean scum that made her switch the Gridanian Wand with the Uldahian Rod.

That war wasn't over. Ishgard and the dragons had been a mere distraction. And here she sat and wrote dretched reports! It was just not fair. She should be out there, within the storm and roaring thunder, feel the aether and wreak havock to the enemies of Fair Limsa.
Tomorrow I will resign, she thought and put the feather to a rest.
Tech & Programming / Udemy
« Last post by Outrack on 16 Oct 2017, 11:48:44 »

I keep wanting to spread the love over one of my favorite discoveries this year, so here's a thread for it! :sparkle:

Udemy is an online learning platform that currently offers more than 55,000 courses on various topics - most of it relates to technology, but the library is broad enough that it covers just about every subject you may be have an interest in. While they have a couple of great free courses available, a majority are paid-for and almost all can be picked up for just $5 during one of their frequent sales or by using active coupons.

If you're wondering why you should bother using this service instead of other freely available resources, I personally perfer Udemy's offering because the standard is both generally higher and more consistent with the paywall, along with a great interface to keep track of your progress - it's been really nice to look up a particular subject and get the best rated course available instead of spending hours trawling through YouTube for alternatives that are often outdated, incomplete, or of varying quality.

I've already gone through the entirety of Percival's and Schmedtmann's courses on web development to bring my knowledge up-to-scratch and it's elevated the standard of my work massively, and right now I'm going through this course to finally familiarize myself with PHP/SQL database management so I can assemble larger projects I've always wanted to get off the ground.

I'll be updating this thread periodically as I learn more things, and hopefully others reading this will do the same! If you've used anything on the site before, post a comment and share your experiences with it :sparkle:
Art, Graphics & Design / Let's Learn to Draw!
« Last post by Outrack on 16 Oct 2017, 11:28:00 »
Adding a couple of resources here for future reference!

Came across DesignDoll recently which is basically a virtual mannequin that you can pose as you like to create your own references. The model viewer smooths out movements using basic physics to ensure fluidity, and it has a free version available to try it out! There's also a complementary site called DollAtelier that offers a huge library of pre-made poses, which is useful both if you use the app and not.

Next up, has just started a "How To Draw" section which gathers all user-submitted art tutorials into one nicely-organised page. It's mostly focused on anime, but is still worth checking out even if to just find inspiration or pick up some new techniques.
Social Lounge / Random Youtube Clips
« Last post by Outrack on 16 Oct 2017, 11:14:07 »

Still confused as to how May and Trump happened. Just... Damn. :speechless:
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