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Notice Board / Player Reduction
« Last post by Outrack on 19 Nov 2018, 04:32:24 »
Aah, how could I forget! I've got him on Facebook as well, thank you for letting me know - I'll be sure to keep him in!
Notice Board / Player Reduction
« Last post by Ithi on 19 Nov 2018, 01:23:08 »
Hey Racky! Xander Strife, he said he'd be back with 4.5.... I'm still in touch with him and he's the super eager, sweet Italian-struggling-with-the-English guy
Notice Board / Player Reduction
« Last post by Outrack on 18 Nov 2018, 04:21:45 »
A while back, Reverence broke the 100-member threshold. This was something I personally took great pride in, as we've been blessed to meet and befriend so many different players!

Sadly, a portion of those members have since fallen inactive without means to contact them beyond the game, with no indication of when, or if, they'll ever be returning. This means the total member count we have is no longer reflective of the size of our community, which is an issue moving forward as it inaccurately advertises us as a large FC - and thus I've decided to start removing players that have been away for extended periods.

Here is a list of players that qualify; if you know any of them and believe they should be exempt for whatever reason, please contact me! I'll be removing the players listed below within a week, and will of course gladly accept any of them back into the FC should they return someday :sparkle:

Name:Days Inactive:
Adan Nova544d
Akhlys Itazura454d
Alexander Whitewolf246d
Aurum Fisternis391d
Brunno Vilkacis385d
Codigo Postal382d
Eleonore Ereba832d
Esir Merilen195d
Eushy Luingrahm675d
F'iaho Nunh461d
Fujimaru Northstar243d
Gray Falllenhail979d
Hanako Meiken534d
Hexil Dunefell588d
Kaapa Majere807d
Kal Torakh553d
Khyo Auron181d
L'iahoh Tia225d
Luci Fron872d
Malvolia Harland222d
Mana Mune424d
Mathew Anderson1033d
Mayumi Torioi461d
Mewtwo King418d
Mini'me Evil726d
Miyu Hime254d
Mr Jay496d
Myzaal Nightthorn568d
Piq Piq431d
Ryma Wildsong420d
Scribble Molkoh1067d
Shaniqua Letrain751d
Thaniel Fox234d
The Switcheroo811d
Veradun Montjack968d
Victios Vargant561d
Volvic Rock446d
Wowofu Wofu228d
Xander Strife216d
Zell Rawr499d
Zuzume Potato181d
In total, this would lead to a reduction of 41 players, bringing our member count down to 64. This is a pretty large drop which is why I wanted to post notification of it here along with the inactivity periods for reference.

Thanks for your attention, and I hope this is seen as a positive step to help our growth as we start looking to accept new members again  :smile:
Social Lounge / What is up Ashtear???
« Last post by Ether on 15 Oct 2018, 06:36:02 »
Randomly thought about you guys. Miss the IRC chat!

- still in Australia
- Picked up FFXIV, WoW, LoL, Dota 2, overwatch...atm plaing WoW for the first time and casually play the other games in my (little) spare time.
- been working as a doc for 4 years, training to become a radiologist :0
- not expecting any babies (haha).
Social Lounge / What is up Ashtear???
« Last post by Outrack on 29 Aug 2018, 10:44:43 »
Dude! It's been way too long, glad to see you're still around and doing well! :sparkle:

As you might have already seen, the forum's been dead for a while now with most of the RAWRs communicating on Whatsapp (infrequently) and the new guild using Discord primarily for communication instead. Still, congrats on all the success and the upcoming addition to your family!

Social Lounge / What is up Ashtear???
« Last post by Major on 29 Aug 2018, 10:25:11 »
I do not remember making that post. But since then

-Shipped FFXV
-Had Special Thanks on Dragon Quest XI
-Moved back to Kyoto
-Worked on Kingdom Hearts 3
-Jumped ship to Capcom
-Working on many cool things
-Baby coming in January
The Drowning Wench / The Reve Diaspora - Our Private Houses
« Last post by Val on 06 Mar 2018, 05:57:36 »
This thread needs more love!
The first post is also kinda outdated by now, with so many people who moved after the last patch.

So, if you are a proud houseowner and want to share your awesome home in this thread, feel free to post a few pictures!

I would also appreciate a few words about your house including the exact location, so I can keep the first post up to date. I realize that with the new teleport function to private houses it is not as important anymore to know exactly where to find the houses of FC members, but why not keep things complete?
Notice Board / Crafting and Gathering for the second sub
« Last post by Leo on 23 Feb 2018, 06:30:41 »

All of you who want to participate in gathering and crafting for advanced (Unkiu) parts of our second submarine, the Blandyptskoena, please pledge here:

We'll try to do the crafts and assembly on Sunday 16:00 GMT, so please provide any mats you pledged for in the fc chest, page 2 by then

Any questions? Ask Lleo :)
Notice Board / Aurelia Polyp Minion Lottery
« Last post by Leo on 13 Feb 2018, 10:48:02 »
"Hitching a ride in the ballast tank of a submersible proved an enlightening experience for this infant wavekin, allowing it to listen in on the incessant mumblings of the vessel's pilot─a mammet voyager tasked with taking an audio log of all discoveries made."

Our submarine brought back two Aurelia Polyp Minons (not voluntarily as the description of the little guys says...)! And we're happe to bring out a lottery on one of them. The other one I put on the Market Board for 20+ Million Gil, and If anybody is crazy enough to buy it this week, we'll all have a little gilfest...

But for the other one lets have a little lottery (and if the second wasn't sold on the MB till the Lottery we will just draw two winners...)
Everyone active in the FC is welcome to participate. Please announce that you want to participate by Saturday evening by filling out the form I linked below. The lottery will take place in the Gold Saucer on Sunday evening (arround 19:00 GMT. Of course you can also participate in the lottery when you cannot be here on Sunday.

So without furtherado, please enter your names :D
The Drowning Wench / The Reve Diaspora - Our Private Houses
« Last post by Val on 11 Feb 2018, 11:34:58 »
And some pictures of the library!

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