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The Reve Diaspora - Our Private Houses  (Read 1223 times)

Posted on 17 Oct 2017, 01:03:38
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Welcome to the Reve Diaspora!

This thread and first post shall be a constant work in progress and is meant as a hub for all the private houses or apartments our members own and want to share!

I will try to keep this first post up to date with infos about the different locations of all the private houses and apartements, if you want to provide me with those. Feel free to write a few lines with a short description to make it easier to others to see what to expect, when they come to visit!
The rest of the thread can be used freely to share pictures of your homes or discuss housing matters!

Private Houses

Val Papadoa  --  The Goblet, Ward 5, Plot 13 (The Sultana's Breath) --  This Mansion is meant to be a place to RP, so feel free to visit! It houses a jazz bar, a fighting pit, a library dedicated to history, artifacts and crafts, and Val's private quarters downstairs. Outside enjoy the great view from the botanical gardens. The mansion was recently remodeled into the Papadoa Institute, a universal school that offers a well stocked library, a garden and green house for botanical studies, a laboratory dedicated to aetherochemical research and artifact building, and courses in science, history and the arcane.

Hera Relkh and Ithilwen Feir'dal -- Shirogane, Ward 8, Plot 53 (Northern Shirogane Subdivision) -- A homely cottage with a far eastern theme and a spectacular view from the garden over the sea. moved!

Karl Reinhardt -- Shirogane, Ward 2 Plot 33 (Western Shirogane Subdivision) -- Karl has a lot of Paissa and Moogle houses in his neighborhood. Apart from that his house is pretty cool! And right on the beach! moved!


Val Papadoa -- Shirogane, Ward 8 Subdivision, Apartment 3 -- This is Val's office when he is on a business or adventure trip in the East. He can also sleep there because hotels are expensive. Serves as the foreign office for the Papadoa Institute.

Valennya Tiralan -- Mist, Ward 2, Apartment 16 -- A little piece of Ishgard in the south.

Avelina Goldbrand -- The Goblet, Ward 8 Subdivision, Apartment 6 -- A cozy library with a messy librarian ;)

V'alrys Tia -- The Goblet, Ward 5, Apartment 20 -- Refugees welcome! Five refugees of the V tribe from northern Gyr Abania have found a home in Thanalan and made this apartment their slightly overpopulated home.
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Posted on 17 Oct 2017, 01:09:44
So far I have only managed to finish the garden of Val's new mansion:

The front part can be used as a meeting place and training area, while the back part hosts a small botanical garden.

The botanical garden has a nice spot to relax and unwind and contemplate business.

The sunrise here is just magical..

And apparently I failed to resize the images for the website... Can someone please help? :x

Edit_ Racky helped. Thank you!
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Posted on 17 Oct 2017, 02:46:17
Huh, that's odd. The images didn't resize because the imgur URL had https in it - changed it back to http and it parsed the dimensions properly so that's all you need to do in future :smile:

Thanks for creating this thread, hope we'll get to see loads of awesome pictures!! I'll update with my plot numbers as soon as the game's out of maintenance :D

Posted on 25 Nov 2017, 10:59:29
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It's my time! Only have finished the garden (I know i know...) but here is how it looks like:

Finally my own little cottage:

Tending the garden is not that hard once you figure it out:

Cooling a bit in the pond:

Posted on 27 Nov 2017, 05:30:36
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Well, I hope this works. Here's the Exterior of the house:

Then there's the upstairs living room:


The downstairs bath:

Our "Library":
My room:
and Ithilwen's room:
I have had very little say in what gets put where, this cozy little cottage is Ithil's masterwork
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Posted on 28 Nov 2017, 03:43:48
Well done with the pics! All the homes look amazing. Would love to see more from all. (Hera, furnish and decorate as you wish. I just dumped stuff in spots)

Posted on 28 Nov 2017, 08:40:16
You all have such fantastic houses an ideas!

I want to see more, though! I know we have a few more private house owners in the FC, so come out and share your creations!  :heart:

Posted on 28 Nov 2017, 08:49:37
Time for me to add some pictures of Val's mansion...

"Valcome to my humble estate!"
The ground floor area consists of the entrance area, a bar, and a fighting pit... But I will need a lot more people in the house to take screenshots of those. ;)

The most important room upstairs is probably the library. You can find books about history, artifacts, and crafting here, but also a few novels and poetry collections. Bookrent is 1 gil.

The librarian is tall enough to get books from the upper shelves...

In the basement you will find Val's private rooms.
His office still has some spots to place models or pictures, but those things will come with time.

Opposite of the office under the stairs you will find his hobby room and curiosities collection.

A proper old man's hobby to relax and unwind: making model airships.

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Posted on 11 Feb 2018, 11:22:02
I remodeled Val's mansion and it now feels so much more whole and fitting! Please come by and visit! :D

Here are some pictures of the greenhouse...

Posted on 11 Feb 2018, 11:34:58
And some pictures of the library!

Posted on 06 Mar 2018, 05:57:36
This thread needs more love!
The first post is also kinda outdated by now, with so many people who moved after the last patch.

So, if you are a proud houseowner and want to share your awesome home in this thread, feel free to post a few pictures!

I would also appreciate a few words about your house including the exact location, so I can keep the first post up to date. I realize that with the new teleport function to private houses it is not as important anymore to know exactly where to find the houses of FC members, but why not keep things complete?


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